Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream”


Trying to stay in bikini baring shape this summer while fending off every urge to indulge in a refreshing scoop of ice cream? Today’s  dessert recipe might just be the magic answer you’ve been searching for 🙂

This healthy and delicious (and completely #dairy, #soy and #gluten free) alternative to the traditional after dinner summer dessert will fill you up (with nutrients) and cool you down!  You may not find this scrumptious treat in a moving truck that plays music, but I promise the whole family will enjoy eating and making this low fat, high nutrient alternative.

In addition to a blender here is what you will need per serving (1-2 servings per person)  image

1 frozen banana

1 Tbsp all natural cocoa powder (adjust according to choloholicness)

Yes you read correctly, only two ingredients in this one!

Although there are a mere two ingredients in this recipe a wee bit of prep is needed before turning them into a chocolaty treat.

The night before making, peel the bananas, cut into four

image (1)

or so small pieces each, and place in zip lock baggies in the freezer. This will allow sufficient time to harden and

provide accurate portion size. *Note peel the bananas before freezing otherwise the peel will not come off and it is a huge mess, take it from me

Game Time:

  • Place the contents of one frozen banana in your blender/magic bullet/food processor.
  • Add about 1 tbsp or so of cocoa powder
  • Blend together until you get an ice cream like texture. If you are using the magic bullet like me, use the shake technique. Do not use a “liquefy” setting as this will lose the desirable fluffy texture.


 If you’re more of a vanilla person, substitute the cocoa powder for a tsp of vanilla extract. You can also add toppings like berries, chocolate chips, coconut shavings, etc for added flavor and pizzaz!




*A co-worker of mine gave me the idea for this recipe

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