Pita Mediterranean Cuisine | Boston

Meal: Dinner

Food Reviewed: Chicken Schwarma with salad and sautéed cabbage

Bang For Your Buck: starstarstarstarstar

Experience: starstarstarstar

Taste: starstarstar

Pita is a casual, order from the counter food establishment located in Boston’s Back Bay. It serves mediterranean style food and gelato (menu). For those who don’t already know this, I absolutely love mediterranean food and because mediterranean style cooking primarily consists of  veggies, protein (both animal and vegetable), and hummus I usually have a lot of options to choose from at such restaurants. Although personally I am not vegan or vegetarian, this style of cooking is a great option for those who avoid animal products since many dishes incorporate chickpeas as the main protein (in form of falafel or hummus).


Today’s journey to Pita was for the sake of getting dinner to go (something  I almost never do).  I was craving tahini (a dressing/sauce made from sesame seeds) but aside from that I had no real direction in what I would order.

I focused in on the task at hand and scanned the menu. In addition to the regular items listed on the wall was a  “special” entree consisting of chicken schawarma served with sauteed cabbage salad and rice. BINGO,  I was sold.

d331e-img_3379If only ordering something off a menu was ever so easy for me… so I made a few changes. Instead of rice I asked for a regular salad (no feta cheese) and the cabbage to be put somewhere with the salad. I then asked for tahini dressing on the side.Below is my order, which is the food component of this review:


As you can see from the picture, I was given a very generous portion of food. Not only was the portion h humongous but all of this cost under $8! So Pita, for the “bang for you buck” portion of this review you get 5 stars! I also had a very positive overall experience at Pita. The employees who took my order and prepared my food were extremely friendly and cooperative. They gave me no problem when I asked to substitute rice for salad, and even remade my meal without any hassle when they put feta cheese on (I didn’t mention at first not to). For this Pita has earned 4 stars for experience.

Now onto the important part, the food!!

Instead of treating the chicken as a separate part of the meal, I decided to chop the salad and mix the schwarma into it. I then put a spoonful of hummus I had in my fridge on the side for dipping. See image below:


I like to ask for dressing/ toppings on the side for a few reasons. Firstly it helps cut out extra calories because the amount of added dressing can be controlled. It keeps the lettuce and other vegetables from getting soggy while transporting the food. I like being able to dip the components of my salad in the dressing even if I have already applied it to my meal. And lastly, I do not eat yeast (which is the main ingredient in vinegar–what salad dressing is made out of) so I usually ask for lemon slices on the side to create my own dressing that is yeast free (not the case here since tahini sauce is #yf anyways).

Alright so here’s the deal. I thought the meal was okay. It definitely wasn’t bad but it wasn’t nearly as good as some of the other schwarma dishes I’ve had (see Jerusalem Pita, Cafe Jaffa). The sauteed cabbage had a kick of spice to it, which I really liked but at the same time it felt a bit bland, as though it was over cooked and the nutrients had been blanched out. The chicken schwarma was on the tender side for schwarma, which again I liked. It also was almost entirely white meat, which is another positive. However the seasoning of the meat was very average. There wasn’t really anything special about it or noticeably tasty. Taking all of this into consideration, the chicken shwarma with sauteed cabbage from Pita gets 3 stars for taste.

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