North Street Grille | North End, Boston

Meal: Brunch north street grille

Bang For Your Buck: starstarstar

Experience: starstarstarstar

Taste: starstarstarstarstar

Happy Monday everyone!

In honor of Mother’s Day my sister, mom and I went out for brunch yesterday. We went to The North Street Grille, which is an adorable neighborhood restaurant tucked away down a cobblestone side street in Boston’s own little Italy; the North End. We had been warned by many that the wait to get in could  reach up to several hours, so despite having a reservation I was a bit nervous how our brunch plans would unfold.

Luckily for us, we were running a little late were seated within a few minutes of arrival.  After opening the brunch menu we knew what all the hype was about. Holy moly egg lovers heaven!

Mom and I both opted for the “On the Lighter Side” omelet and since I can’t eat toast I substituted it for home fries (and boy was I glad I did)!north street grille Here’s the breakdown. we found The North Street Grille to be incredibly charming. It is very small, which explains the frequent line to get in, but gives the feel of an authentic neighborhood eatery. Our server was very sweet, as was the host who greeted us and chatted for a while. And, to top it all off when we were leaving they gave my mom a potted plant as a Mother’s Day gift! Taking all of this into consideration, I give the North Street Grille 4 stars for experience.

Bang for your buck for this one is a 3. While the food (which I will get to in a minute) was very tasty, each omelet was $14 of more. $14 for an omelet in Boston is not outrageous by any means, but it is definitely not a steal either.  So for that, they receive 3 stars.

The food came out in a very generous portion. My omelet was fluffy (despite being made of egg whites) and it was loaded with veggies. I ended up not being able to finish it all because it was so large and filling. They also gave a big portion of fruit on the side. I was expecting a few pieces of fruit or a little fruit bowl but I was pleasantly surprised with the very full fruit salad that came with my meal. For me, the make or break part of brunch are the potatoes. I would say potatoes are my favorite part of brunch and I am always aware of how my breakfast potatoes taste. North Street Grille has it right on! Their home fries taste like french fries (my favorite cheat food). They were made from small potatoes cut in halves so each home fry was of decent size, perfectly salted, and crispy enough without tasting dry or burnt. For taste I give North Street Grille 5 big stars, good work!

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