Go-To Goat Cheese and Chicken Salad

This is one of my go-to salads, mostly because I love goat cheese but also because it is so flippin easy to make! Below is the recipe I’ve created but please feel free to add or subtract whatever you want. If I weren’t allergic, I probably would have added craisins into the mix (if anyone tries that let me know how it is)! 

Here’s what you will need: 

1 big handful baby spinach 

2 small vine ripe tomatoes 

1/2 cucumber

Goat Cheese (as much as you like) 

3-4 baby beets (mine were canned)

Grilled Chicken

The juice of 1/3 a lemon

Salt, Pepper, Basil

On a plate or bowl place one large handful of baby spinach. Take two vine ripe tomatoes and cut into smaller pieces (I do eight pieces each). Next slice half of a cucumber into “half moon” slices, so that each original slice is cut into two pieces. 

If you are using fresh baby beets, dice 3-4 into quarters and add to the salad. If you are using canned beets (as I did) drain all liquid from the can and rinse the beets before preparing them for the salad. By rinsing the beets before eating them you eliminate some of the sodium that was added during packaging. 

Next crumble your choice of goat cheese (I used honey goat cheese) on top of the salad. 

After the base of the salad is made, add cooked chicken into the mix. I use Trader Joe’s “Just Chicken” grilled chicken strips because they are extremely easy for me to cook on the stove top in little time. I also sprinkle a little basil on the meat while it is cooking for flavor, but you can use whatever chicken and seasoning you like, or ditch the chicken all together! 

To dress the salad shake a pinch of salt and pepper and the juice of 1/3 a lemon on top of it. I like this combination as dressing because it gives a fresh lemon taste to the salad without inundating it with flavor or making it soggy. 

Here I am eating the goat cheese and chicken salad at my desk, preparing to write this post for you all! 


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