The Fireplace | Brookline

Meal: Dinner

Food Reviewed: Fig and Walnut Salad

Bang For Your Buck: starstarstar

Experience: starstarstarstar

Taste: starstarstarstar

Every few weeks or so my grandmother and I meet for dinner. The Fireplace, which is located in Brookline’s Washington Square offers a cozy, sophisticated dining experience, with a fresh local menu, and it’s convenient for those of us without cars to get to (right on the T-Green Line C).

After a long day of work and being sick I was looking forward to the time with my grandmother and a good meal. Here is a link to the Fireplace’s dinner menu (they also have gluten free menus). Looking back over the menu now, I kind of wish I had ordered the “Pan Seared Scallops” —that lobster hash sounds divine, but, trying to be healthier (although scallops are extremely healthy, the has maybe not so much) I opted instead for the “Fig and Toasted Walnut Salad”. And of course, I made a few changes. This is what I ended up with: Fig and Walnut Salad with roasted chicken, substitute blue cheese for goat cheese, dressing on the side.


When the food came, I was shocked by the portion of roasted chicken on the plate. I was expecting a few pieces of chicken thrown on top or maybe delicately placed since this is a classy restaurant, but what I got was literally half of a roasted chicken next to my salad.  Bang for your buck points just went up right there (the total cost of this salad was $21)!

I also really enjoyed the ambiance at The Fireplace. The dining area is two levels, separated by one or two steps. Throughout the restaurant there is open space including enough space between tables to provide privacy without feeling isolated from the flow of the restaurant. The color scheme and style of furniture is crisp and fresh, giving the space a relaxing feel. I also loved that The Fireplace is committed to helping resolve a global problem by  incorporating a special menu to “help the honey bees”. Click on the link to read more about this cause and how The Fireplace is giving back. For all of the above reasons I give the experience at The Fireplace a 4.

The Food: The chicken was roasted perfectly, just enough tenderness without being under-cooked. I also loved the contrast of the sweet fig to the more bland spinach, and the roasted chicken. I found the food to be fresh, seasonal, and overall good. The portion size was generous without being inappropriately large. The food was lacking taste that set it about as incredible food. While it tasted good, fresh and t was healthy, because it lacked that extra “umph” that makes you say “oh my god this is unbelievable” I give the meal a 4 for taste.

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