Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

photo (5)I will admit that when I went into Lululemon the other day to browse I did not expect to come out with a $68 shirt that claims to be stink resistant. I thought maybe I’d get a cute new tank on sale, but I have been wanting a good running long sleeve and the sales associate was very convincing that this new stink resistant technology is the newest best thing. Long story short, I caved.

Well, little did I know that this would be a phenomenal purchase. One definitely worth the $68… and yes I know that’s a lot of dinero but this shirt is amazing.

Here’s why… Firstly, the material of the shirt (seamless silverscent) feels great on your skin. It doesn’t chafe, get damp and soggy, and it’s soft and gentle feeling. I hate running in a shirt that once theres sweat on it the fabric sticks to me and feels mushy. Absolutely not the case with this shirt, so there’s the first good thing about it for ya.

Next, after being tested several times, I have confirmed that this fabric actually is stink resistant. Remember my post last week about my run in NYC… well I wore this shirt, sweat a disgusting amount, then let it sit in my travel bag for 3 days before washing and guess what, no smell! It’s honestly an anomaly that the shirt wasn’t rancid. But, truth of the truth it was not.

Another great thing about the shirt is that it’s fashionable! I went for a run Saturday morning and then went directly to brunch with a group of friends and while the rest of me looked terrifying (hangover runs are always interesting) my outfit was totally cute. I would wear this shirt even if I wasn’t going for a run, why not? It comes in a variety of fun colors (mine is light pink), it’s flattering on the body, it has thumb holes (awesome), and it’s comfortable.

I’d say it’s a keeper! If you own a swiftly tech shirt, what do you think of it??

2 thoughts on “Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

  1. Love the review. I always have such a hard time contemplating whether to buy lululemon gear or not, it’s SO expensive. Most of my work out gear comes from TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Nordstrom Rack. I have a hard time justifying those costs for clothes I would wear to work let alone clothes I get all sweaty in.

  2. I’m glad you liked it! I have the same problem, Lulu is so pricey but this shirt if definitely worth it! I have a lot of great workout clothes from Target that I love. I find their quality to be really good and reasonably priced 🙂

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