Back Bay Yoga

If there were an equivalent to an oasis but instead of a pool of water in a desert it was an escape from the city and the stresses of life; it would be Back Bay Yoga

Every time I step into BBY I get this feeling of automatic calm. Maybe it’s the yogis with their tattoos of moons and buddhas and trees. Maybe its the dim lights. Maybe it’s the open space and cool, calming colors. Honestly I don’t know what it is about that place but you walk in from a long day, after shuffling around and maneuvering the T to get there, and its like BAM— calm.

I started going to BBY a little over a year ago because my body was riddled with illness and I had heard yoga can help the mental and physical healing process. And while this post is not about yoga and it’s effects on the mind, body and soul, I have to at least comment for anyone struggling with a mental or physical ailment, I found yoga to be extremely positive.

BBY is not just any studio, and I honestly consider myself fortunate to have happened to stumble upon it. The reason it is outstanding is that it’s not a fitness center, it’s not a yoga and pilates place, it’s not owned by a chain or someone who bought a yoga studio to be trendy. BBY is owned, operated, decorated, staffed and attended by people who live their lives around yoga principals. That’s not to say that you can’t be a normal 9-5 working person and stop in for a class now and then, you most certainly can, but the aura at BBY is one of comfort, acceptance and tranquility. Things that are normally embarrassing (like wiggling your body in weird ways, or breathing heavy, or vocally saying om) are so commonplace there that nearly everything feels safe and natural.

All of the classes at Back Bay Yoga are in vinyasa style but of them all (click here for their class schedule) my favorite class is hip hop yoga. It is so fun and it’s the one I feel gives me the best cardio work out. Anyone in the Boston area I really highly recommend checking it out!

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