PB 2: The Best Invention Since PB (according to me)

Alright as you may or may not know by now I am a peanut butter addict. I can actually eat entire jars of pb with a spoon in a few sittings. For this reason I avoid buying PB because for lack of better reason it’s just too good and I can’t control myself.

Plain and simple, I would be morbidly obese if I kept peanut butter in my apt.

As some of you may also know there is a company called Bell Plantation that produces “peanut butter” with 85% less calories… WAIT WHAT!? Yes…you read correctly, peanut butter with 85% less calories. Here’s the deal, the peanuts are slow roasted and then pressed to remove all oil (the main source of fat and calories). They are packaged in powder form, and when the user adds water turns into what is comparable to traditional creamy peanut butter. The fat and calorie count of PB2 is 85% lower than regular peanut butter. The noticeable downside is one serving of PB2 has about 40% less protein than regular peanut butter. photo (2)

After doing a little digging I’ve found some criticism of PB2 saying that during the pressing process it is stripped of many of the essential nutrients found in natural peanut butter. The most notable are the monounsaturated and ployunsaturated “good fats” and vitamin E.

Here’s my take on it: (in bullet form for efficiency)

-It tastes just like peanut butter (especially if mixed into a smoothie)

-It has protein in it

-It is low in calories and fat

-It is NOT bad for you it just isn’t as nutrient dense as regular PB

Taking all of the above into consideration I think eating PB2/ using it in recipes in moderation is fine. I’m looking forward to making some awesome new PB themed recipes and sharing them with you all!

What is your take on PB2? Do you think it’s safe/good to eat?

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