Flip Belt by Level: The Runner’s Best Friend


I’ve always been one who enjoys a nice run. It eases my mind and helps me relax, plus cardio in the gym every day gets stale quickly. A problem I’ve had that’s deterred me from an outdoor run is how to bring everything I need; keys, iphone, money, etc with me.

In the past I have ran with a small nylon backpack (the draw string type businesses give out, you know what I’m talking about) but I constantly found myself holding the straps to keep them from sliding, which limits my ability to enjoy the run. Quite honestly, it’s also a pain in the ass having everything bouncing around your back while you run. Who likes that?–NOT me.

A friend of mine ran the Boston Marathon this year in April and had mentioned to me the flip belt. At the time I thought it was cool but I was in no hurry to run out and find it. Then, a coworker of mine ran a half marathon and was raving about her awesome new running accessory; the flip belt. I thought okay, fine if two runners I’m friends with love it so much, for $25 I’ll give it a try.

The concept of the belt is simple. It is 25″-48″ inch spandex band that you place on top of your running pants. If you can image the top of a lululemon pant it looks like that. There are slots cut into the band to allow you to stash whatever you need (except water, that is my only complaint). When you flip the belt after inserting all your items, they “lock” into place.

about to head out for a 6 AM run w my flip belt

While on a run the band doesn’t move and somehow doesn’t feel heavy or like its sagging. To put it simply: if you are a runner looking for an effective, lightweight running accessory that doesn’t like ridiculous-BUY THE FLIPBELT.

In all seriousness it has improve my running experience by allowing me to bring with me what I need without weighing me down or making me uncomfortable. It also blends into your outfit seamlessly and while some of you might not care about this, it looks cute.

check it out here!



PB 2: The Best Invention Since PB (according to me)

Alright as you may or may not know by now I am a peanut butter addict. I can actually eat entire jars of pb with a spoon in a few sittings. For this reason I avoid buying PB because for lack of better reason it’s just too good and I can’t control myself.

Plain and simple, I would be morbidly obese if I kept peanut butter in my apt.

As some of you may also know there is a company called Bell Plantation that produces “peanut butter” with 85% less calories… WAIT WHAT!? Yes…you read correctly, peanut butter with 85% less calories. Here’s the deal, the peanuts are slow roasted and then pressed to remove all oil (the main source of fat and calories). They are packaged in powder form, and when the user adds water turns into what is comparable to traditional creamy peanut butter. The fat and calorie count of PB2 is 85% lower than regular peanut butter. The noticeable downside is one serving of PB2 has about 40% less protein than regular peanut butter. photo (2)

After doing a little digging I’ve found some criticism of PB2 saying that during the pressing process it is stripped of many of the essential nutrients found in natural peanut butter. The most notable are the monounsaturated and ployunsaturated “good fats” and vitamin E.

Here’s my take on it: (in bullet form for efficiency)

-It tastes just like peanut butter (especially if mixed into a smoothie)

-It has protein in it

-It is low in calories and fat

-It is NOT bad for you it just isn’t as nutrient dense as regular PB

Taking all of the above into consideration I think eating PB2/ using it in recipes in moderation is fine. I’m looking forward to making some awesome new PB themed recipes and sharing them with you all!

What is your take on PB2? Do you think it’s safe/good to eat?

Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

photo (5)I will admit that when I went into Lululemon the other day to browse I did not expect to come out with a $68 shirt that claims to be stink resistant. I thought maybe I’d get a cute new tank on sale, but I have been wanting a good running long sleeve and the sales associate was very convincing that this new stink resistant technology is the newest best thing. Long story short, I caved.

Well, little did I know that this would be a phenomenal purchase. One definitely worth the $68… and yes I know that’s a lot of dinero but this shirt is amazing.

Here’s why… Firstly, the material of the shirt (seamless silverscent) feels great on your skin. It doesn’t chafe, get damp and soggy, and it’s soft and gentle feeling. I hate running in a shirt that once theres sweat on it the fabric sticks to me and feels mushy. Absolutely not the case with this shirt, so there’s the first good thing about it for ya.

Next, after being tested several times, I have confirmed that this fabric actually is stink resistant. Remember my post last week about my run in NYC… well I wore this shirt, sweat a disgusting amount, then let it sit in my travel bag for 3 days before washing and guess what, no smell! It’s honestly an anomaly that the shirt wasn’t rancid. But, truth of the truth it was not.

Another great thing about the shirt is that it’s fashionable! I went for a run Saturday morning and then went directly to brunch with a group of friends and while the rest of me looked terrifying (hangover runs are always interesting) my outfit was totally cute. I would wear this shirt even if I wasn’t going for a run, why not? It comes in a variety of fun colors (mine is light pink), it’s flattering on the body, it has thumb holes (awesome), and it’s comfortable.

I’d say it’s a keeper! If you own a swiftly tech shirt, what do you think of it??

Juice | Juice Bar Boston

Meal: Snack

Food Reviewed: Fruta Bomba Smoothie

Bang For Your Buck: star

Experience: starstarstar

Taste: starstarstarstar

Juice! Being the #smoothiequeen I am, I absolutely love the idea behind “Juice”, an all natural juice and smoothie bar located in Boston’s Back Bay. The bar, which is open from 6:30 AM until 8 at night aims to provide people on the go with healthier snack options—I love it!

I have walked by Juice many times but today was my very first time as a customer. It was just before 3 PM and I was looking for a little afternoon pick me up while running errands around the city. Since my beloved #magicbullet wasn’t in reach I figured “Juice” was my next best option.

Juice is a small store front directly next to a large train station. There is roughly four or so feet of space that lines the counter where you order from. In this space people who have already ordered stand to the right, while the line to order forms to the left.  To me, the space feels a little claustrophobic considering the number of people in the store and the limited standing room to accommodate. Although the physical space can be crammed the decor is colorful and fun. Hand painted images of produce adorn the walls, which combined with the hanging baskets of fresh fruit bring a casual, fresh vibe to the space.

The menu is vast and eclectic, and provides a nice combination of classic smoothies with non-traditional ingredient combinations.  I also really enjoyed that Juice serves almond milk, which is a  rare find and exciting find since so many venders only carry soy as a dairy alternative. So, although the store was too small and crowded for my liking, because of the fun decor, extensive menu and ingredient choices, I give Juice 3 stars for experience.

After considering many of the options, I decided on a seasonal smoothie called “Fruta Bomba”( papaya, strawberry, mango, turmeric, banana, coconut water).

I ordered the smallest option (16 oz) which was $6. The other juices and smoothies on the menu spanned from $5.95-$10… and being a regular smoothie maker myself and someone who has purchased a lot of smoothies, I found this price rang to be very high. That being said Juice only gets 1 little star for “bang for your buck”.

On a positive note, my Fruta Bomba smoothie tasted absolutely heavenly. It also was a nice medium thick consistency which distinguished it from a juice and made it easy to drink with a straw.

Not to my liking, I did feel a little nauseous after drinking the smoothie. I credit this to not  feeling great to begin with and that the particular smoothie I ordered was very high in sugar, which usually makes me not feel well when consumed in large quantities.

So for all of the above reasons, my Fruta Bomba smoothie from Juice gets 4 stars for taste.

North Street Grille | North End, Boston

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