Flip Belt by Level: The Runner’s Best Friend


I’ve always been one who enjoys a nice run. It eases my mind and helps me relax, plus cardio in the gym every day gets stale quickly. A problem I’ve had that’s deterred me from an outdoor run is how to bring everything I need; keys, iphone, money, etc with me.

In the past I have ran with a small nylon backpack (the draw string type businesses give out, you know what I’m talking about) but I constantly found myself holding the straps to keep them from sliding, which limits my ability to enjoy the run. Quite honestly, it’s also a pain in the ass having everything bouncing around your back while you run. Who likes that?–NOT me.

A friend of mine ran the Boston Marathon this year in April and had mentioned to me the flip belt. At the time I thought it was cool but I was in no hurry to run out and find it. Then, a coworker of mine ran a half marathon and was raving about her awesome new running accessory; the flip belt. I thought okay, fine if two runners I’m friends with love it so much, for $25 I’ll give it a try.

The concept of the belt is simple. It is 25″-48″ inch spandex band that you place on top of your running pants. If you can image the top of a lululemon pant it looks like that. There are slots cut into the band to allow you to stash whatever you need (except water, that is my only complaint). When you flip the belt after inserting all your items, they “lock” into place.

about to head out for a 6 AM run w my flip belt

While on a run the band doesn’t move and somehow doesn’t feel heavy or like its sagging. To put it simply: if you are a runner looking for an effective, lightweight running accessory that doesn’t like ridiculous-BUY THE FLIPBELT.

In all seriousness it has improve my running experience by allowing me to bring with me what I need without weighing me down or making me uncomfortable. It also blends into your outfit seamlessly and while some of you might not care about this, it looks cute.

check it out here!