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Alie Sockol

I’m Alie (@alie725), the author. I am a dedicated healthy living fanatic, social butterfly, and above all else optimist. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is 50% what you eat, 50% what you do in the gym and 100% mental. So I write about how I’m finding synergy amongst these three components in hopes of spreading healthy living to others.

I first came up with the idea of a blog in 2011 when I was sick and frequently in and out of the hospital. I started a blog which I named “Toes In the Sand” to spread positivity and give motivation to those who were struggling no matter how big or small the battle. In reality that blog was a mechanism for my healing, and was a large component in the third listed pillar of healthy living; mental.

A long time habit of mine is taking pictures of the food that I cook. I’m not sure why I started doing it, but for whatever reason I get great pleasure from cooking and taking pictures of my masterpieces. One night during dinner, I sent a snapchat of my meal to one of my friends who also values a healthy lifestyle. He immediately responded that my food looked amazing and wanted to know how I made it. And DING the lightbulb went off.

Because I have strict dietary restrictions (see recipes page), I naturally eat an extremely healthy diet. Combined with my love of fitness and dedication to being the healthiest version of myself I can be (healthy in all meanings; physically, mentally, emotionally, etc) I have a lot to offer the #fitfam community and those who are seeking ways to live healthier.

It doesn’t matter how much the scale says, or how many months have passed since you’ve chosen a salad over Chinese food. Everyone can live healthier if they commit themselves to doing it. I am here to help and encourage you, and as you see my positively fit life, I hope it enables you to find yours.



photo (2)

I also have experienced a life changing surgery, and other medical conditions that I may reference at some time in this blog. I am proud of my scars (that you will likely see if I post abdominal pics) and am happy to help people dealing with recovery after surgery: positivelyfitlife@gmail.com.
Lastly, all content in this blog is my own unless otherwise noted.

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