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Meal: Snack

Food Reviewed: Fruta Bomba Smoothie

Bang For Your Buck: star

Experience: starstarstar

Taste: starstarstarstar

Juice! Being the #smoothiequeen I am, I absolutely love the idea behind “Juice”, an all natural juice and smoothie bar located in Boston’s Back Bay. The bar, which is open from 6:30 AM until 8 at night aims to provide people on the go with healthier snack options—I love it!

I have walked by Juice many times but today was my very first time as a customer. It was just before 3 PM and I was looking for a little afternoon pick me up while running errands around the city. Since my beloved #magicbullet wasn’t in reach I figured “Juice” was my next best option.

Juice is a small store front directly next to a large train station. There is roughly four or so feet of space that lines the counter where you order from. In this space people who have already ordered stand to the right, while the line to order forms to the left.  To me, the space feels a little claustrophobic considering the number of people in the store and the limited standing room to accommodate. Although the physical space can be crammed the decor is colorful and fun. Hand painted images of produce adorn the walls, which combined with the hanging baskets of fresh fruit bring a casual, fresh vibe to the space.

The menu is vast and eclectic, and provides a nice combination of classic smoothies with non-traditional ingredient combinations.  I also really enjoyed that Juice serves almond milk, which is a  rare find and exciting find since so many venders only carry soy as a dairy alternative. So, although the store was too small and crowded for my liking, because of the fun decor, extensive menu and ingredient choices, I give Juice 3 stars for experience.

After considering many of the options, I decided on a seasonal smoothie called “Fruta Bomba”( papaya, strawberry, mango, turmeric, banana, coconut water).

I ordered the smallest option (16 oz) which was $6. The other juices and smoothies on the menu spanned from $5.95-$10… and being a regular smoothie maker myself and someone who has purchased a lot of smoothies, I found this price rang to be very high. That being said Juice only gets 1 little star for “bang for your buck”.

On a positive note, my Fruta Bomba smoothie tasted absolutely heavenly. It also was a nice medium thick consistency which distinguished it from a juice and made it easy to drink with a straw.

Not to my liking, I did feel a little nauseous after drinking the smoothie. I credit this to not  feeling great to begin with and that the particular smoothie I ordered was very high in sugar, which usually makes me not feel well when consumed in large quantities.

So for all of the above reasons, my Fruta Bomba smoothie from Juice gets 4 stars for taste.


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